Kuma Miko, the 3 episode rule review

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That Miko that cried city, In a peaceful world on the foot of a mountain lives a 14 year old girl who goes by the name of Machi, Machi’s job as the region’s only Shrine maiden is to appease the gods by offering her flesh…. Or rather dancing to them as an offering, but living in a small rural town can have its downsides.

Machi the Ainu wearing shrine maiden yearns for more in her life, having being raised as a Miko in a remote town has led her life and education to be sort of… lacking… as a Shrine maiden she has to live in the mountains, in the deep forest away from the small town where her cousin and aunt live, but not to worry, she is not completely alone, she lives in her temple alongside her lifelong companion Natsu, a talking bear.

At first I thought the idea was going to be ridiculous, however having been exposed to the Ainu clan thanks to characters such as Nakoruru from Samurai Showdown and part of the cast from the Visual Novel/Anime Utawarerumono, I develop a liking to the types of clothes the women from these clans don, so I thought why not give it a 3 episode trial.

As mentioned before, Machi is a shrine maiden that lives in the forest at the foot of a mountain; however, she has been bored of her life style and can be always be seen reading magazines.  Machi is prone to sudden outburst where she insists on leaving the town and going to the big city to continue her studies, this is apparently the running joke or main motivation for her character, as many of the jokes revolve around Machi having to perform some sort of task or trial in order to demonstrate that she is ready to go into the big city, however there in order to try and stop her is her companion Natsu who … for being a bear is actually more in tune to the modern world than Machi is and is more … technologically savvy than Machi, thus he worries that she won’t know a thing should she move to the big city and tries to stop her with his trials.


Machi trying to impress Natsu by showing him old tech

The humor in this anime is quite light, as most of the time is just Machi misunderstanding something due to her lack of modern day civilization’s technological advancements and lack of human contact. More often than not she will be asked to perform a task or answer a question to which she has to investigate, but not having any modern books except for a few magazines and of course no internet or phone, she is very much deprived from any information gathering tools, thus when she finds out what is it that the bear wants, it usually ends up with an embarrassed Machi and a sighing Natsu since she won’t be leaving anytime soon. Be aware though, there was a sexual joke in the first episode which caught me by surprise, it wasn’t that bad, but it seemed out of place due to how light the comedy is.

Then we got Machi’s cousin that goes by the name of Yoshio, he’s always high spirited and likes to help people out, haven’t seen much, but it seems he also brings food and clothing for Machi  seems like he Is the only other one to actually understand Natsu, supposedly anyone can hear Natsu, however once he tried talking to kids or Yoshio and you could hear the bears grunts alongside the voice, so it’s not entirely clear if regular townsfolk can actually speak to Natsu or not and until further proof, I will keep believing that only Yoshio and Machi can actually talk to Natsu.

Watching this anime makes you actually feel very comfortable, the characters are all very likeable, Machi is really cute, Natsu usually talks with a very calm soothing voice and their interactions are really amusing and you can tell how Machi loves Natsu very much, for anyone looking for cute girl doing cute things or a light comedy this is a very good contender, I would definitely recommend anyone to give it a 3 episode trial.


Machi reacting to more people watching her as a result of this review.

  1. Ranting Crow dice:

    I might reconsider and do the 3 ep rule.
    Not the biggest fan of anime with these settings of maidens in a shrine.
    Thank you


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